FAULTY fire doors which are being wedged open are putting lives at risk inside a Basildon flat block, it is claimed.

Simon Lovett, 49, says the fire doors in Trafford House are a risk to himself and fellow residents, with the self-closing mechanism on the doors not working and the carpet below wedging them open.

He is worried the doors would be unable to contain any fire which breaks out in the building and put all 300 flats in peril. 

Despite complaints to Criterion Hospitality, who manage the building, Mr Lovett says nothing has been done since he first reported the problem in January. 

The firm insists the doors are regularly checked by staff.  

Echo: One of the wedged open doors in Trafford House One of the wedged open doors in Trafford House

Mr Lovett, who has lived in a ground floor flat for the past four years and is a manager of a flooring comapny, has called on the problem to be fixed immediately.

He said: “I’ve had numerous email back from them saying, firstly, the doors have been fixed when that’s never happened.

"Then the management team said they were to be left open intentionally despite the words ‘fire door please keep locked’ on them.

“Not to scaremonger but the spread of fire throughout a major building is high on people’s agenda at the minute.

"The reaction has been shocking.

“They’re very dismissive. If a fire door is left open fire spreads, it’s as simple as that.”

He added: “These are designed protect us and if you raise that complaint to a management company they should take it seriously and I don’t think they’re doing that in any way, shape or form.”   

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In response to the complaints, a spokesman for Criterion Hospitality insisted they were taking the problem seriously and defended its response to the concerns raised.

They said: “All fire doors at the property are regularly inspected and maintained by our on-site maintenance team; Essex Fire Brigade also visit periodically as is normal for the property of this size.

“In addition to this, our site management team walk the floors twice daily and any ‘wedges’ found are removed from the doors immediately.”

They added: “Any tenants who we witness wedging doors open are advised that this is not permitted.”