ISABELLA’S garden is bursting with colour from early spring through to the autumn months. 

Set in Leigh, there are roses, clematis, agapanthus, herbaceous plants, alpines and pots with unusual succulents which fill every corner of this town garden. 

The owner, Elizabeth Isabella Ling-Locke loves her collection of agapanthus which bloom throughout the summer season. 

She is always sourcing and experimenting with different and unusual plants to see what works in the English climate, adding to the garden with a wide variety of plants and with a particular interest in succulents. 

Succulents and cacti can be seen in the greenhouse as well as the conservatory.
“I have another property in Greece and tend to the garden there and go between the two. This means there are a lot of Mediterranean plants in the garden, such as a new special olive tree,” says Elizabeth.
“There is a lovely collection of succulents and cacti, lots of new additions for visitors to enjoy.”

It is a five-minute walk from the cockle sheds of Old Leigh and Leigh railway station. 
“It is a great location for visitors because they can come and see the garden and then visit Old Leigh afterwards. We have had people travel all over to see the garden. One year we had a daughter and mum from Bath who had come just to see the garden,” says Elizabeth.

There is a wildlife pond. lilies and water features, as well as other garden ornaments which are to be found hiding within the shrubbery and throughout the garden.
Sit peacefully in the many seating areas which have been placed around various parts of the garden to enjoy the differing vistas.

There will be refreshments and cakes made by Broadway Belles, the local WI. 
All proceeds go to the charity the National Garden Scheme charity. 
Isabella’s Garden is located at 42 Theobalds Road, Leigh, SS9 2NE. 

The next open weekends are on June 4-5 and July 16-17, from noon-4.30pm.
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