A VIOLENT thug who forced his way into a man’s flat and attacked two people with a metal pole has been jailed.

Earnest Rose, 44, of Ness Road Shoebury was jailed for three years for charges of knife possession, drugs possession and wounding at Basildon Crown Court yesterday.

The court heard how Rose forced his way into the home in Southend and left the two men with a range of injuries.

Prosecuting, Grant Vanstone, said: “On August 25 he was stopped in Shoebury with a knife, cannabis and cocaine.

“On March 27, 2020, he jumped the security gate at the address and let two other men into the area.

"He knocked on the door of the victim and there was a struggle.

“He forced his way inside and had a metal pole in his hand.

"He struck one of the men who suffered a cut and was bleeding profusely.

"The two men were made to lie on the floor and the second man was hit and suffered head and knee injuries, and a broken wrist.”

Mr Vanstone told the court Rose searched the house due to an unpaid debt of £200 owed to him.

Police were called and the three men left the scene.

One of the men needed hospital treatment to glue the cut he had suffered.

Mitigating, Oliver Kirk, said Rose has been living in the Uk for 21 years having come over from Trinidad and Tobago.

Mr Kirk said: "He has significant mental health issues and is diagnosed with schizophrenia.

“He was not taking his medication and this combined with the conditions lead to the offending and he was in a state of mental distress.

“Now he is a thoughtful, intelligent and articulate man and is doing much better and taking his medication.”

He add Rose is under reporting conditions with immigration services and when properly medicated, he is capable of staying out of trouble.

Sentencing, Judge Andrew Hurst, said: “You must understand this was a particularly nasty offence and you had with you a weapon to use and inflict really serious harm.

“You have a lengthy history of bad mental health but it’s good hear you are much better than you have been.”