A FAMILY-RUN childcare business has been told to close by the council after neighbours complained about noise and traffic.

Roland Lodge Daycare was set up during the first coronavirus pandemic lockdown by a mother and two daughters at their family home in Canvey.

Gina Warren, 54, Kristie, 27, and Sian, 25, have been running the business full-time caring for children since the summer of 2020.

The trio have invested savings into converting parts of their home, including a garden shed into a play area, and fear losing their livelihoods now the council has stepped in an order them to close over planning concerns.

Echo: Conversion: The home was renovated for children to enjoyConversion: The home was renovated for children to enjoy

“This whole ordeal has really had a toll on my mum’s health,” Kristie said.

“She has got migraines from stress as she used all her redundancy money from her last job, where she was for 21 years, to set up her home for this.”

Kristie Warren claims they are facing a £14,000 bill to appeal the planning notice in which council officials raise traffic and flooding concerns.

Echo: Play area: The garden shed has been convertedPlay area: The garden shed has been converted

The notice reads: “The number of vehicle movements to and from the site and reliance on on-street parking for visitors detracts from the quiet character of Roland Lane.”

“The child-minding facility has resulted in unacceptable levels of noise and disturbance to nearby residents,” it adds.

But Kristie Warren says claims the business has created noise problems are nonsensical, as the home backs onto the playground of St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School – where children can already be heard throughout the day playing and shouting.

Echo: Fun: Youngsters enjoy their time at the homeFun: Youngsters enjoy their time at the home

The 27-year-old mother fears she will be out of a job in five months as a result.

“For me and Sian it has been so stressful too. This is now our livelihoods. This is what we rely on. I’ve got a three-year-old to care for,” she said.

“We have all got rent to pay. My mum has her mortgage to pay. If we shut this down my mum has got to sell her house, because she won’t be able to afford the upkeep.

“It’s just so heart-breaking.”

Castle Point Council has been contacted for comment.