DOZENS of rail passengers were caught travelling without a ticket during a crackdown at a south Essex station yesterday.

British Transport Police said it worked with revenue inspectors to catch the culprits traveling to and from Pitsea on c2c trains.

A total of 25 people were caught travelling without a ticket.

It comes after a recent survey showed fare dodging was one of the “biggest crime concerns” among rail passengers.

According to c2c’s website, passengers are liable to an on-the-spot fine of £20 if they are caught without a ticket for their entire journey.

A penalty fare which is twice the appropriate single far is also an option if it is higher than £20.

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A passenger will still then be asked to pay the correct fare for their journey on top of the fine.

If cases are referred to c2c’s prosecution department, they can choose to either reach an out-of-court settlement with the person involved, refer them to police or prosecute them via a magistrates court.

Bosses say each case of fare dodging is “unique” and considered on merit and the facts.

A statement on the c2c website adds: “c2c is committed to a fair and proactive approach in preventing and reducing fare evasion, ticketless travel and low level crime and disorder, as well as tackling more serious offences on its services.

“We expect all of our customers to travel with a valid ticket.”