ECSTATIC explorers claim to have unearthed a hidden underground secret in Shoebury. 

The group, known as DE-eVOLVED, say they have found an abandoned air-raid shelter in the town, having had a hunch about its location for more nearly two decades.

Some of the team, Martin Halliday, 41, Clive Seldon, 47, and Clive’s son Mitchell, explored the shelter after coming across it and have recorded a video showing their discovery.


It comes following years of speculation in the community about a hidden air-raid shelter somewhere in Shoebury. 

The urban explorers now appear to have confirmed its existence. 

“It was an amazing find, as Clive had always had a hunch for approximately 20 years that it existed but was unsure of the exact location, but once we knew we were ecstatic," Martin said.


“We entered the first part of the shelter via the emergency exit and it wasn’t until we started removing and displacing backfill, and lowered myself under the bricks, I could see it was an underground air-raid shelter.

“The litter we found was dated 1970 and it looked like no one had been inside it for a long time.

“We didn’t find anything substantial but just finding and seeing the shelter was the highlight for us.


"It is so rare to find an undiscovered Second World War air-raid shelter anywhere in the UK.

“But to find a forgotten or secret one in our hometown of Shoebury, is insanely rare and incredible.

“It was so exciting."

The explorers have chosen not to provide details of the shelter's exact location in order to protect it. 


Martin admits he is delighted to have seemingly solved the long-running myth of Shoebury's forgotten shelter.

He said: “It was such an amazing feeling; especially knowing we can now prove Shoebury can and does have a hidden underground period structure.

“We can’t give away the exact location, as certain explores are best kept secret to a degree as it helps protect and preserve the structure.


"We don't want it vandalised, set on fire, or being disrespected or something like that.”

The video recorded by Martin and the team of the shelter is available to view on DE-eVOLVED's YouTube channel.

You can access the video via this link -