YOBS who performed dangerous stunts on Southend seafront have been banned from attending future car cruising events in the city.

Southend Council bosses have issued injunctions against 16 drivers after a car cruise meet-up in April.

Essex Police is also pursuing section 59 warnings against all 16 vehicles involved, which means if any of the cars are used for anti-social purposes in the next 12 months, they can be immediately seized.

The car cruise meet was held on the day of the legendary Southend Shakedown biking event.

The drivers were all identified thanks to the CCTV system in place within the new city.

Council bosses say the concerning behaviour involved so called "burn-outs", where the car engine is revved while the vehicle is stationary, causing the wheels to heat up and create smoke. 

Martin Terry, councillor for public protection, said: “We welcome anyone who wants to come to Southend and enjoy the delights of our city in a safe and responsible way.

"But if you are going to come and create trouble with anti-social behaviour, then we will use every power we have at our disposal to make sure there are consequences to your behaviour.”

Insp Paul Hogben, who leads the Southend Community Policing Team, said: “Southend is a busy and popular location for many people, including those on the roads.

“We know the city’s seafront attracts many car enthusiast events throughout the year and our message to those who take part in them is that we are not, in any way, anti-car enthusiasts or anti-car cruise but we will not tolerate dangerous or anti-social driving in Southend.

“Our wonderful city is for all ages, and we won’t standby as a small number of people believe they can get away with dangerous or anti-social behaviour.”