POLICE have warned children are risking their lives by climbing on scaffolding.

Police officers have been receiving reports of teenagers climbing on scaffolding in Cluny Square, Southend.

Essex Police has issued a warning that falling from the scaffolding, which scaffolding is about four stories high, could result in serious injury or death.

Parents of children who live in the area have been asked to check whether their youngsters have been scaling the scaffolding.

Councillor Martin Terry, responsible for public protection, said: “This obviously needs to be addressed before somebody gets very badly hurt.

“Scaffolding like this needs to be made as inaccessible as possible so as to deter anyone who might foolishly think in fun to climb.

“I will be working with the council’s building control team to make sure the site is as safe as is possible and cannot be reached by these kids.”

Images from the scene show the scaffolding reaches the roof of the housing estate on Cluny Square.

Using ladders meant for workmen, it is possible for climbers to make it on top of the building.

Police have promised to ramp up patrols in the area to deter youngsters from recklessly climbing the building.

Mr Terry added: “Part of this of course is that parents should be having a word with their youngsters to let them know the dangers.

“Kids can’t be watched at all times, of course, but a word can go a long way to prevent a potential tragedy.

“God forbid anyone actually falls of it because from that height we are likely looking at a real tragedy.”

An Essex Police spokesman said: “We have been receiving reports of young people climbing on this scaffolding in the Cluny Square area. This is extremely dangerous and could result in serious injury, please make sure that your children know the dangers of climbing on structures like this.

“If your child has been climbing on the scaffolding then please tell them to stop.”

The spokesman added: “We are patrolling the area and will deal with anyone found climbing on this that shouldn't be.”