The following letter was published in the Echo this week:

Many years ago, I was invited by one of the owners to see whether one of its many rooms could be converted into an art exhibition gallery.

Having toured the building, I was amazed by the sheer size of the place, which like such edifices build at the beginning of the 20th century I now find it hard to envisage a new role in the 21st century.

It is not an architectural delight, but neither should it be pulled down.

It represents an entertainments era before the First World War, at a time when these grand palaces were fashionable.

Now, 120 years on, we seek to find a suitable use for this grand old building.

What about demolishing the Cliffs Pavilion and rebuilding it as a more up to date one within the existing Kursaal structure itself ?

The Cliffs Pavilion is no longer used for what it was originally intended and designed for. With a flat floor in what is now the stalls seating area, it is no longer needed as an exhibition space, for a civic dinner or as a dance hall.

It has become a rather outdated, municipal entertainment space.

What would we do if the Crystal Palace had not burned down?

Now I am not suggesting that as the fate of Southend’s own “Crystal Palace”, but to try and retain it in its former glory and providing a viable use for these huge premises.

It would mean that the Cliffs could be part of a centre for entertainment rather than be stuck out on a limb above the so-called cliffs, but I do foresee problems arising out of a lack of car parking space, which I am sure could be overcome.

Vin Harrop