Southend’s iconic cliff lift is up and running again after closing due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

The popular lift, built in 1912, was closed during the pandemic due to the size of the lift meaning there was no room for social distancing.

Now it is up and running again, but a plea for more volunteers has been put out for it to be able to open every day.

A spokesman for the lift said in a Facebook post: “Southend Cliff Lift is now running again but we are desperately short of volunteers to be able to open every day.

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“Application forms are available either at the lift or the pier and, after training, you have access to the rota where you can select any day that suits you.” 

The lift's reopening was delayed further in August after a nest of pigeons made themselves at home.

Southend Council had to sensitively remove the nest from the lift and make further checks before considering its reopening.

The opening hours are currently 10am to 3pm.