Supermarket giant Iceland has launched a new discount for shoppers who are over 60 to help combat the cost of living crisis.

The deal will be available to customers at the chain's stores every Tuesday.

Shoppers will need to provide proof of age, such as a driving licence or senior bus pass.

It comes amid the squeeze in living standards caused by soaring inflation.

However, the move is coming under some criticism online from people who say it excludes other shoppers who have been impacted by crisis.

One Twitter user asked Iceland: "I have no problem that Iceland and other stores give 10% off to those over the age of 60. But what about the disabled?

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"Cost of living is effecting everyone. Disabled people are struggling to choose either to ‘heat or eat’"

However, Iceland says this announcement is just the latest in a range of measures introduced to reduce the impact of the rising cost of living to its customers.

A spokesman responded to the tweet saying: "We are doing as much as we can to help all shoppers at the moment and this announcement is the latest in a range of measures we’ve introduced to reduce the impact of the rising cost of living, including a freeze on our £1 value range and launching an ethical credit trial."

Others have also pointed out "everyone is struggling" and have argued families with young children as well as single mothers should be offered a similar discount. 

Richard Walker, Iceland's managing director, said: "We have a long history of supporting our over 60s customers, such as when we launched 'Elderly Hour' at the height of the pandemic.

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"The cost of living crisis has made support for these customers even more important, which is why I'm proud that we're finding new ways to support them, including the launch of this discount.

"We hope it will help all those in this age category to cut costs where they can."

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