TAXI drivers are refusing drive down a road as it is so ridden with potholes, according to councillors and residents.

Campaigners are demanding action is taken immediately and resurfacing is carried out on Old Road between Wayletts and The Gables in Leigh.

Tory Belfairs councillors Alan Dear, Lesley Salter and Jack Warren say they have repeatedly raised the issue with council bosses, and want an urgent meeting with the councillor responsible for transport.

But bosses say that issues about land ownership need to be resolved first.

Mr Dear said: “This isn’t a problem that has occurred overnight. We have been warning Southend Council that this stretch of road is deteriorating badly and in need of resurfacing for years, yet no action has been taken.

“People are bashing up their cars, and there’s no footpath or streetlights either so it’s dangerous for pedestrians too. The council must take action - and we hope the administration’s cabinet member for transport will meet with us to see the mess for himself.

“Belfairs deserves better.”

Norma Webb, a resident of The Gables which sits at the end of Eastwood Old Road, added: “The road is a disgrace, and we now find ourselves in a situation where taxi drivers are refusing to come down the road because it is in such bad condition.

“We hope Southend Council will listen to the concerns of residents and our three local councillors and finally take action.”

Steven Wakefield, councillor responsible for highways, said: “Following years of underinvestment, we are spending more than ever fixing our highways - with 47 roads and 54 pavements due to be resurfaced this year, following on from over 90 last year. This is a long-term programme, but one we are committed to.

“All areas in the programme have gone through a strict quality check in line with the council’s procedure, which is based on various risks and considers various items including road condition, bus routes, key routes, claims made, incidents, and flood risk.

“Based on this procedure, a resurfacing scheme has already been developed for this road, but boundary and land ownership issues need to be resolved before it can go ahead.”