RESIDENTS cut-off for almost two days as emergency repairs take place to fix the damage cause by the fuel tanker fire.

Canvey residents have spent hours in their cars on the bank holidays trying to get off the Island with the main route blocked off.

Canvey Way has been shut for almost than 48 hours after a fuel tanker exploded on Wednesday evening at the Sadlers Farm roundabout.

Emergency repairs had to be made to the road, traffic lights, and streetlights due to the damaged caused, meaning Canvey Way had to be shut.

Residents have expressed their frustration as they say it is a nightmare.

Pauline Edwards told BBC Essex her husband has been experiencing severe delays in making a simple journey.

“It took him a total of an hour to get from our house to Benfleet station and of course there was still more problems because there are road works in Benfleet as well.

“It is a nightmare; it then took an hour and 20 minutes to get from ours to the edge of South Wooden Ferrers”.

It is still yet unknown when the road will re-open.

But, Caraline also told BBC Essex that she is supposed to have family visit her for a Jubilee party tomorrow, but said if the road isn’t re-opened, they won’t be able to come.

She said: “Tomorrow I am supposed to be having my son and wife over here, if the road is not open, they will not be coming.

“I live on the Island; I recently lost my husband, so it is the whole situation.

“Another couple I know has got husband in hospital and she couldn’t go and see him because the buses are not running, and she isn’t driving.

“This is really major isn’t it, I am not having a criticism, but I’ve done my shopping, I am ready, and it may not even happen.”