The number of motorists stung by a temporary speed camera installed in south Essex have been revealed.

A Freedom of Information (FOI) request, published by Essex Police, shows that 220 motorists were caught speeding by a temporary speed camera in south Essex.

The request asked how many temporary fixed position speed cameras were withdrawn from service during the 2021 calendar year, which were positioned at a site where a temporary speed limit had been introduced because of road maintenance.

A speed camera was positioned on the A13 during its widening in Thurrock, to enforce the temporary 40mph speed limit at the time.

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The original speed limit on the road was 70mph.

It was installed in April 2019 and is still in place although not currently live as it is awaiting removal.

During the time it was live, the speed camera detected 162 violations of the 40mph limit eastbound and 82 notices of intended prosecution were sent to motorists.

It also detected 304 violations westbound and 138 notices were sent.

The long-running widening of the A13 has now been completed and new lanes opened to traffic.

New lanes on both sides of the road opened between the A128 (Orsett Cock) and A1014 (Stanford-le-Hope) on May 2.

It means there are now three lanes on both carriageways between Stanford-le-Hope and the M25.

A 50mph speed limit will remain in place between Stanford-le-Hope and Orsett Cock due to ongoing electrical work.