SOUTHEND pop rock favourites Asylums have announced the coming of their fourth album Signs of Life, which was made in the famous room at Rockfield Studios where Queen did the mega hit Bohemian Rhapsody.

Adding to the famous links, it was produced by Dave Eringa, who has worked with big names such as the Manic Street Preachers, and was mastered at Abbey Road Studios.

What will this mean for the success of the album? You can get a taste as the second single release off it - called Scatterbrain - is out today.

It follows the first single release - Crypto Klepto - which came out at the end of April.

Also launched live today, is the band's new shop at, where three albums are being given away for the first time as free downloads ahead of the official October 14 release date.

Luke Branch, vocalist and guitarist in the band, said: "So many iconic pieces of music have been made in the room at Rockfield Studios which we recorded in, Yellow by Coldplay, Bohemian Rhapsody by Queen and many more.

"We brought in a string quartet for a day to play and it was one of the most creative and rewarding musical experiences we have shared.

"We were at Rockfield Studios for a week doing all the music but not vocals. The mixing was done at Electric Daveyland, which is Dave Eringa's studio.

"Dave Eringa produced the album - Michael and I worked with him in other bands when we were younger and consider him a dear friend.

"He had a number one album with Manic Street Preachers last year and has also worked with Wilco Johnston. Dave is always fun, loud and experimental - so that suited the album.

"Rees Broomfield (of SS2 Recording Studio in Southend) came to Rockfield with us and when we got home, we did the vocals with him in Southend.

"We then mastered it at Abbey Road in December."

It's been two years since the last albumn release by Asylums, which was Genetic Cabaret in July 2020.

The group managed to start working remotely on Signs of Life, during lockdown.

Luke said: "[During lockdown] aside from day jobs, I was learning to be a father for the first time and working on this album remotely with the boys.

"Michael and I also made another album as BAIT and we just worked hard with our Cool Thing Records team to keep everything going best we could.

"It was a slower process getting releases together for sure, we just tried to stay positive and find solutions. At times it felt like we were running the label from the international space station."

Talking about not being able to gig during the pandemic, he added: "Initially it was very disorientating as we have all been playing live since we were teenagers.

"I did do a series of remote in-store gigs from the Cool Thing office via Social Media channels though."

Talking about Signs of Life, producer Dave Eringa, said: "When Luke said he wanted to do an album at Rockfield in eight days all played live and to integrate big strings into their sound it sounded so ridiculous I thought 'let's do this!'

"Only a band that can really play can do this kind of recording. No clicks, no tricks all live off the floor, a few judicious overdubs, some amazing string arrangements from musical polymath Henry and a bizarre interruption from Countryfile.

"It was a pretty intense week and I couldn't be prouder of them for what they achieved!

"They've really taken themselves to the next level!"

Asylums are Luke Branch, Jazz Miell, Michael Webster, Henry Tyler.