A CAR smashed through a brick wall sending blocks flying through the window of a care home for people with disabilities.

A car reportedly smashed head on into a wall outside SummerHill Assisted Living in Manchester Drive, Leigh, shortly before midnight on Friday.

A photograph taken the morning after of the debris-strewn scene shows the wall near the junction with Station Drive had been knocked down.


Bricks were sent flying through the home’s window – which has since been boarded up – as the car careered into a parked silver Nissan.

Neither Essex Police or East England Ambulance Service have any record of the crash.

A Manchester Drive resident, who did not wish to be named, says they were woken by an “ear-splitting” noise.

“It was so loud it woke me up immediately, the bang and the noise of tearing metal,” she said.

“I was really shocked at first and had no idea what it could be.

“I peaked out of my window and couldn’t quite believe my eyes, this car had had hit the wall.

“There were bricks everywhere, it was chaos down there!”

She added: “We have told the council many times this bend is dangerous, and it was only a matter of time before something bad happened here.

“It’s a shame the care home was so badly damaged.”

SummerHill Assisted Living cares for six people with disabilities.

The care home has been approached for comment.

Blenheim ward councillor Keith Evans said: “While I do not know the exact circumstances around the crash on Friday night, what I do know is that residents have been raising worries about the roads down there being quite dangerous.

“The road can be a rat run with speeding cars. And even when cars aren’t necessarily speeding, or above the limit, I have been told that residents feel they are going to fast for the road itself, as the layout is quite tight.

The non-aligned councillor added: “There is also this sharp bend coming from Station Road that has recently had a speed signpost put up to remind drivers of the speed limit.”