The following letter was published in the Echo this week:

I have read a number of letters in the Echo regarding the state of Southend. I agree - not everything is perfect.

But sometimes you have to look beyond the challenging situations to see the great things.

Yes, the High Street needs work.

But what about Leigh Broadway and the Old Town? Successful, vibrant and they look great.

What about the schools? My grand-daughter goes to school in Leigh and her parents cannot praise the school enough.

Look at Chase High and what it has become.

Who can resist that view looking down from the cliffs in Leigh to Chalkwell Bay?

Who doesn’t love a walk on the seafront and a cheeky Rossi’s?

Families love Adventure Island and by the looks if it, many people travelled to Southend seafront, particularly on Friday, because there was a lot to tempt them.

Nothing is perfect.

But we do still live in a nice place and I, for one, will stick up for it.

S Jones