SOUTHEND Airport Retail Park “has a problem with fines” a councillor has claimed after reporting dozens of residents had approached him over the issue.

The car park, run by Excel Parking Services, has been accused of dishing out undeserving fines several times over the last few years.

Southend resident Clare Manghan, 49, says she was slapped with a fine after being 'wrongfully' accused of staying there all day.


Councillor Chris Walker claims residents have been reporting similar problems to him for years.

The Conservative Eastwood Park Ward councillor said: “This has been going on and on, I’ve had dozens of residents complain to me about it over the years, but it just doesn’t stop.

“It’s always the same story, they have been in twice in one day, or they have shopped there two days in a row, but the cameras think they have been parked all along.

“That place has a problem with fines,” he alleged, adding: "I would advise residents to not pay and just tell them to go forth and multiply."

Retail park visitors are entitled to four hours free parking. Staying beyond those four hours without paying will result in a £60 fine, rising to £100 if not paid within 14 days.

Bosses at Excel Parking Services have insisted Ms Manghan – who says she can prove her car was with her at work at an east London school – was correctly fined.

Reports of similar issues date back to 2012, when Barry Green and Tony Strange both used the park, visiting various stores on separate days in April.

While both were snapped entering the site it was claimed neither of them left the same day.

The pair coughed up £120 each to ParkingEye, the firm previously responsible for managing the car park.

Then more recently in 2019, Tallula Moore, of Rochford, was fined £100 and accused of a “45-hour stay”.

Ms Moore says she visited twice on September 5 and 7, yet ParkingEye accused her of entering on the 5th and leaving on the 7th.

Mr Walker added: “It’s a shame because the retail park is a valuable resource for residents, but many are frightened to go there because they don’t want to get one of these fines.”

Excel Parking Services has been contacted for comment.