A HEROIC security guard rescued a driver from a crash wreckage outside a busy supermarket - insisting “it was automatic” as his training kicked in.

Two cars were involved in a crash at the junction of Elmsleigh Drive and London Road in Leigh, with one car sent flying into the railings at the side of the road.

The quick-thinking Waitrose security worker rushed to check the man’s condition and help him to safety after the driver appeared concussed.

Initially, the security guard - Mike Garwood, from Eastwood - helped the driver out the car before he helped police divert traffic.

The 40-year-old said: “I was patrolling the store and saw a car on its side at an angle and knew something was wrong immediately.

“I ran out quickly and saw there had been a crash and there was a man stuck in a car and he was a bit concussed.

“I used my first aid training and checked him over to see what condition he was in and I could see he was doing OK.

“There was petrol all over the road and I had to lift the door to get it open and get him out. I managed to get him out and other people nearby took him over to the pavement.”

He said then began to help police direct traffic and try to stop vehicles going over the fuel and the debris in the street.

The crash took place at around 12.40pm on Thursday.

Mr Garwood added: “I have done this sort of thing before and helped out after a crash. I just use my first aid and it kicks in straight away.

“It’s automatic and I just get it done, the adrenaline and realisation comes afterwards when I have done it all.”

Images from the scene show emergency services and a badly damaged car in the busy street.

An East of England Ambulance Service spokesman said: “We were called to a road traffic collision on London Road in Leigh at 12.42pm on Thursday.

“An ambulance was sent to the scene and assessed one patient who did not require transportation to hospital.”