FATHER’S Day is this Sunday and we asked Echo readers what makes their dad special.

We received more than 100 replies on Facebook detailing all the amazing things these unsung heroes do.

There were also stories of dads who had sadly passed away but who will never be forgotten. There were also messages about absent dads and the men who stepped in to become a part of someone’s life, a true dad in every sense.

Shelly Wooding said: “There isn’t anything my dad wouldn’t do for me, my sister and our kids. They broke the mould when they made him, he is truly one in a million.”

Harry Inwood enthused: “I have the best daddy! He’s funny, kind and takesgreat careof mealwaysmakes me laugh thanks dad, love Harry.”

Kelly Drane says her partner is ‘the best daddy in the world’to their little ones.

Full of life and fun, Chelsea Leigh’s dad is rock to all, including his grandkids. “He’s survived a stroke, cancer, PE as well as much more and is a continuing survivor of depression. He shows us everyday what strong looks like,” said Chelsea. “He helps out his neighbourhood area and has picked me up off the floor plenty of times. He’s the best grandad and one of the kindest humans .”

Max Edwards said of his dad: “Daddy is special because he gives me sugary things when mummy doesn’t know. Without him, I wouldn’t be able to wrestle because mummy’s a lover not a fighter.”

Amelia Punteney, aged three, thinksherdadis a superhero. “He is a smarty daddy super hero pants,” she laughed.

Evan Webster, five, said: “My daddy is the best daddy in the whole world. He loves me unconditionally, he does everything for me, my little brother and my mummy. He deserves the best day.”


Echo: Super-dad - Evan Webster thinks his dad is amazingSuper-dad - Evan Webster thinks his dad is amazing

Laura Dance’s children commented:“Funny, kind and the best at giving cuddles. We love our Daddy.”

Zoë Burgess’ dad Nick has been a rock in her life. “He took on me and my two sisters 18 years ago and has been amazing role model,I can’t thank him enough, thank you Nick Simpson.”

Kellylouise Brand says she wouldn’t know what to do without her dad. She said: “My daddy is the most amazing man, kind, generous, loving, supportive, everything a dad should be, nothing is ever too much for him. I don’t know where I would be without my hero.”

Hayley Wheeler said her dad Kev is her hero "I could have ever asked for my children. My Dad will do anything for anyone, nothing is ever too much trouble, he really is so kind, generous and loyal to anyone he knows."

Amy Jones said: "Paul Jones just being him makes him the best dad! Always there when you need someone, never ever let us down."

Gemma Weaver-Coote said: "Our moto for our dad is ‘If dad can’t fix it, it’s defo broken’! Colin Weaver is the best dad any kid could wish for!"

Suzanne Marshak commented: "He’s always there with a listening ear. He cares for my mum full time and never complains! They don’t make them like that anymore."

Sara Jane Nightingale said: "My dad aka mum supported me through depression twice, my rock."

Samantha Jane Watts said her dad 'supported me in my darkest days'.

Melissa Tony Wilkins said: "My Rock since my mum passed away. He’s raised me and my brothers since I was 3 as well as he’s own 2 children. The best dad ever and a fantastic grandad & newly Great Grandad. We love you Dad. Happy Father’s Day."

Michele Negus said: "Our dad said his family is his life it made us all feel so special."

Vikki Vafaee said: "The kindest man you would ever meet  dad to 7, grandad to 16."

Gemma Marie Katie Hurrell said: "My dad is the best dad and grandad. He's always supported me in everyway he can growing up and now he is the first one i phone or go to if i need someone. Even in 2019 we nearly lost our mum and he was struggling himself but he didnt stop supporting us."

Tori Adams said: "Our dad is our hero, he is always first to support, love and guide us, especially when there is fun to be had!"

Tara Sydnie Humphrey said: "Everything and anything, I always need him his there for me and has a heart of gold and will help anyone, I couldn’t be with out him love you dad."

Victoria Emily said: "My dad Barry Stone was 70 this week along with his triplet sisters Linda Robinson and Ruby. My dad is the best his always helping me and my sons and is a wonderful husband to my mum Lynne. He's my hero."

Sarah Royal said: "He listens, advises and supports me in everything I do. I’d truly be lost without his wise words… even if I don’t always follow his advice. Love you dad."

Ami Wallace said: "Our dad is a super special pirate grandad to my children and we think the absolute world of him! Happy Father’s Day !!! We love you gazillions!"

Sophia Jayne said: "the most amazing kind, caring, person you could ever wish for. There is no thank yous big enough for everything hes ever done for us, he will do anything for anyone and i will always be thankful he walked into our lives  love you dad."

Tracy-Lou Edridge said: "Our dad is now our angel." 

Rebecca Butler said: "This is our dad/step dad. He has changed our lives completely. He gives the best cuddles and we love him very much."


Lynne Tremlett said: "Simply the best and there for us all."

Sophie Tompkins said: "Forever my hero when no one else had my back my dad was always there."

Kayleigh Paveley said: "This is me and my dad Allan Paveley he has always been my rock, through thick and thin, day and night. I have 3 siblings and my dad has always supported us no matter what his opinion on our choices, he has 6 grandchildren now too, and they all look up to him."

Kirsty Lauren "I want to mention my fiancé and father to our 2 beautiful daughters & step father to my oldest daughter, Joshua Underwood. He deserves the absolute world for Father’s Day for all he does for us as a family, he is the best father my girls could ask for."

Claire Louise Carter said: "My dad Alan Goodwin he has been my rock when I hit rock bottom and has been there there for me no matter what time of day or night, he is also an amazing grandad and great grandad I love him more than words can say."

Chris Bury said: "My dad is the last of a dying breed, a true superhero, he grew up playing in bomb sites during and after World War Two, he had me well into his 40s and yet always managed to be the dad that he was."

Lorraine Stoner said: "My dad, my hero, always there when needed, the joker of the family, now our angel watching over us."

Tracy Grimmett "My Dadio has got to be one of the kindest genuine human beings to ever have walked this planet and I can only apsire to be in his league. Alone My Dad brought me up from the Age of 4 with unconditional support and mountains of love every day of my life."

Danielle Harnwell said: "I lost my Dad last year to cancer and it totally destroyed me and my world. My Dad was my rock and best friend. Whenever I was feeling low or rubbish, he was always there to help me through it. He was my rock and best friend."

Rach Jackson said: "My daddy worked from 16 til 39 wen I was born he gave up work to be my full time career he is amazing daddy that does so much for me and my sibling we love you dad."