Talented entrepreneur Sonny Green also has the gift of the gab when it comes to music too.

He has combined his passion for business and antiques, as well as his love of performance art, with his businesses Steptoe and Mum and running Southend Furniture Warehouse.

Sonny buys and sells items and documents his journey on his YouTube channel. 
He also runs his spoken word Troubled Tongues events at the premises in Stanfield Road.
“We had our first spoken word event here a couple of weeks ago and at only short notice 30 people came along,” said Sonny. 
So what is inspiring Sonny when it comes to his music? 
“For me it is always business and entrepreneurship that inspire me. You hear people talking about making money through crime, I talk about making money legitimately through business,” said the 27-year-old, who lives in Southchurch. 

Sonny was just a kid when he first got into antiques and the knack of selling them. 
“I used to sell bric-a-brac outside a shop near my nan’s house, it’s in my blood I guess.”
The team specialise in antique and retro items and 20th century furniture. They also do house clearance and buy stock all over the country to resell from the shop and online. 

For updates on spoken word Troubled Tongues events see the Steptoe and Mum plus Southend Furniture Warehouse on Facebook. Visit www.steptoeandmum.co.uk for details.