CHANGES on the seafront will be in place today in reaction to last night's incidents.

A dispersal order is now in place in Southend in response to the incidents of disorder yesterday evening.

Two people sustained stab wounds last night in Southend.

Both have gone to hospital and their injuries are not said to be life-threatening.

The order will cover the area in and around the seafront until 9.30pm today.

Dispersal orders give officers the power to direct anyone they suspect of causing disorder or anti-social behaviour from a particular area.

This is in addition to the Section 60 Authority which allows police to stop and search anyone without reasonable grounds until 8.10pm tonight.

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Inspector David Gardiner said: “We want law-abiding residents and visitors to be able to enjoy Southend in the sun in peace without fear of the wellbeing being put at risk.

“That’s why we’re using the tools we have available to us to tackle those coming to our city to carry out crime and violence.

“Additionally, officers were diverted to Southend last night to help keep you safe and to tackle those intent on causing harm and we are directing officers from elsewhere in the county to support again today.”