AN ARMED gang stabbed a man eight times in a Basildon car park leaving him with a collapsed lung and a fractured rib, a court heard.

Three men and one boy are standing trial at Basildon Crown Court accused of carrying out the attack in a car park off Mill Green on February 16 last year.

Jay Silver, of Merrivale Benfleet, Jordan Yakulu, of St Gabriel Close, Leytonstone, Bradley Pattle, who is currently serving time in Chelmsford prison, and an unnamed 17-year-old have all denied attempted murder and wounding with intent.

Silver, 21, and Yakulu, 22, have also denied possessing an offensive weapon.

Opening the case yesterday Stephen Rose, prosecuting, said: “The crown says all four attempted to murder the man and we say they intended to kill him.

“During a police interview with the victim on March 5 last year, the victim described how he was attacked and stabbed by a group who men who chased him.

“The came across him at the Chalvedon Shops in Basildon and as he ran away, they pursued him and we say they attacked him in a car park off Mill Green.

“Yakulu had knives and we say Silver was the first to stab him and the others joined in, either attacking him themselves or encouraging others to do it.

“Silver had a five to six-inch Rambo-style knife with a jagged edge and Yakulu stabbed him in the leg. After that they stabbed him repeatedly and left him for dead.”

He told the jury the victim was taken to Basildon Hospital and medical records showed he had eight stab wounds, a collapsed lung and a fractured rib.

The barrister told the court the victim claims he was in trouble with Pattle, 23, for stopping buying drugs.

He added: “He described and named the people who attacked him and we say he positively identified these four men.

“Regardless of who inflicted the injuries, they all acted together and lent their support to the attack.

“He gave his first interview with police from the hospital bed.”

The trial continues