A car in a dangerous condition has been seized by police for anti-social driving at a car meet.

Essex roads policing officers attended the retail parks in Howard Way, Harlow, just after midnight yesterday over reports of a car meet.

On arrival, police were pleased to see small groups socialising and enjoying each others company and vehicles while keeping noise to a "respectful level".

Unfortunately, after checking the car parks opposite and returning to the roundabout, officers could hear loud tyre skidding noises.

Echo: The dangerous car being taken away. Pic - Essex Police in HarlowThe dangerous car being taken away. Pic - Essex Police in Harlow

An Essex Police spokesman said: "On re-entering we could see one of the cars we had driven past only minutes earlier was now skidding around the car park on the Halfords side with three young passengers and close to numerous pedestrians in the area who could have been seriously injured or worse had the driver lost control as has happened at car meets in other areas across the country with tragic and sometimes fatal consequences.

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"The car was stopped and found to have darkly tinted front windows, a crack across the windscreen and missing rear bumper with exposed jagged edges."

A 22-year-old man from North Weald was reported for driving a vehicle in a dangerous condition, failing to display his front number plate properly and driving without due care and consideration.

Echo: The seized car. Pic - Essex PoliceThe seized car. Pic - Essex Police

His car was also seized due to the driver having a live Section 59 warning from similar driving only a few months ago back in February.

The 12-month period will now be reset again as a result.

The Essex Police spokesman added: "Our approach to car enthusiasts has remained consistent – we have nothing against those who peacefully enjoy their shared passion in legal cars, showing respect to the local community, which is why we left everyone to it initially after a quick drive through. 

Echo: The car meet in Harlow. Pic - Essex PoliceThe car meet in Harlow. Pic - Essex Police

"However those who feel entitled to use public roads and spaces as their personal playground and put others at risk, as well as damage commercial land by leaving unsightly tyre marks will face robust action and risk losing their vehicle."