The average price of diesel is “perilously close” to £2 per litre, motorists have been warned.

RAC fuel spokesman Simon Williams said wholesale costs mean pump prices are “on course” to move closer to the milestone.

Figures from data firm Experian show the average price of a litre of diesel at UK forecourts reached a new high of 197.1p on Tuesday.

The average price of petrol was a record 189.3p per litre.

Twelve months ago the prices were 133.5p for diesel and 131.1p for petrol.

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The Competition and Markets Authority announced last week that it will carry out a “short and focused review” of fuel prices after a request by Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng.

Car use increased on Tuesday due to 80 per cent of train services being cancelled because of industrial action.

Mr Williams said the price of diesel is “perilously close to the £2-a-litre milestone”, with the cost of a full tank for a 55-litre family car exceeding £108.

He went on: “With the oil price falling and wholesale costs down over the last week, pressure is mounting on the biggest retailers to turn the tide and put petrol pump prices into reverse.

“It now seems we’ve reached the current petrol peak, so we expect to see the big four supermarkets start to cut their prices.

“As they dominate UK fuel retailing this should lead to others reducing their prices too, which will benefit drivers everywhere.

“The situation with diesel is different, unfortunately, as wholesale prices last week still put it on course to move closer towards an average of £2 a litre.

“If, however, oil continues to trade lower it could just prevent this from becoming a reality.”

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As prices continue to rise, here are the cheapest places to fill up your car in the Southend, Basildon and Canvey areas*:


The cheapest places to buy unleaded are:

Esso Southend (Southchurch Express) - 182.9p

Jet Rochford - 184.7p

Esso Rayleigh Road - 185.9p

Asda Shoebury Automat - 186.7p

BP West Street - 187.9p

The cheapest places to buy diesel are: 

BP The Fairway - 193.9p

Asda Shoebury Automat - 194.7p

Jet Rochford - 194.7p

BP Westcliff - 194.9p

Shell Fossetts Way - 194.9p


The cheapest places to buy unleaded are:

Asda Eastgate - 186.7p

Sainsburys East Mayne - 186.9p

Gulf Basildon - 186.9p

Texaco Wickford - 186.9p

Jet Stanford-Le-Hope - 186.9p

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The cheapest places to buy diesel are: 

Esso Church Road - 190.9p

Tesco Laindon - 191.9p

Asda Eastgate - 193.7p

Gulf Billericay - 193.7p

Sainsburys East Mayne - 193.9p


The cheapest places to buy unleaded are:

Sainsburys Canvey - 186.9p

Esso High Street - 186.9p

BP Benfleet - 186.9p

Shell Thundersley - 186.9p

Esso Somnes Avenue - 187.9p

The cheapest places to buy diesel are: 

Sainsburys Canvey - 194.9p

Morrisons Canvey - 194.9p

Sainsburys Rayleigh Weir - 194.9p

BP Benfleet - 195.9p

Shell Thundersley - 195.9p

*According to the latest information on as of June 22