Basildon's New Holland tractor plant is set to come to a standstill as workers walk out due to a pay row, a union claims.

Unite the Union claims the business in Cranes Farm Road will be forced to shut today due to the action and workers are demanding a pay rise.

The union claims that more than 500 workers, which is says is comprising nearly the entire shopfloor of the factory, will strike on June 30, July 8, 11, 28 and 29 and August 26 and 30.

The union also says more strikes are set to be scheduled if the dispute is not resolved.

The union bosses also says that workers are striking over a below inflation two year pay offer of 5.6 per cent for the first year and between 1.8 and three per cent for the second depending on CPI inflation. Unite says the offer is a real terms pay cut when the real rate of inflation, RPI, is at 11.7 per cent and expected to climb.

The union and worker say they want a pay rise that reflects rising living costs, which they say CNH can well afford.

Unite general secretary Sharon Graham said: “The greed displayed by CNH’s leadership is staggering. CNH is bringing in billions and its CEO is rewarded obscene amounts, but the company’s workers are expected to swallow a real terms pay cut in a cost of living crisis.

“The sickening excesses of corporations like CNH is exactly why people aren’t fooled by calls for pay restraint. Corporate profiteering is driving inflation not workers’ wages.

“CNH should be under no illusions: We will be backing our members with the full force of the union in their fight for fair pay rise.”

New Holland tractor plant was contacted for comment.