FOUR schoolgirls from Leigh will hit the big time this week and take on the world when they represent England in the biggest competition in dancing.

Gabriella Wilson, 13, Eleanor Bines, 13, Holly Sellers, 11, and Isabelle Soars, 13 are among a handful of people across the country selected to compete in the Dance World Cup in Spain.

All four girls, who attend the Expressions Theatre Arts in Leigh, spent the weekend preparing for their big moment after travelling out to San Sebastian last week.

Emma Felton, head of school and the girls' teacher, says her team has worked incredibly hard to secure a spot at the world cup.

She said: “It’s the girls first time performing in this competition.

“We have worked so hard to get the girls ready for the competition, they’re nervous but extremely excited and honoured to have been chosen to represent England.

“We would love to be placed among the world’s top dancers but just to be here and experience the energy and excitement is winning in itself.

“For the school, this is such an achievement as this is the first time we have dancers competing at the Dance World Cup.

“I am so proud and pleased they are able to represent England alongside the best dancers in the world.” 

The Dance World Cup is the biggest dance competition in the world and inlcudes representatives from 62 different countries.

The four girls have never competed at an event of this magnitube before but all four insist they are relishing the opportunity.

Gabriella said: “I feel so privileged to represent my country, doing what I love.”

Isabelle added: “This is such a fabulous opportunity, and I can’t wait to get on stage.”

Holly said: “It is such an amazing experience representing Team England in the Dance World Cup.”

And Eleanor added: “I feel honoured to have this opportunity to represent team England.”