A TEENAGE charity worker who was hospitalised after surviving a horror crash “is battered and bruised, but still smiling,” according to her sister.

Destiny Hannam, 18 from Jaywick, was involved in a serious car crash at the junction of Jaywick Lane and Bluehouse Avenue, in Clacton, at about 3.30pm on Sunday.

The smash saw four ambulances, a rapid response vehicle, two senior paramedics, a hazardous area response team and the Essex Air Ambulance rush to the scene.

Essex Police were also called to the incident before closing the road to motorists for several hours while the emergency services treated those involved.


As a result of the crash four patients, including a man in his 70s with a serious injury and Sonny’s Army co-founder Destiny, were taken to hospital for further care.

After being checked over, it was confirmed she had broken her hand, suffered whiplash and sustained damage to her back muscle and foot.

Destiny, who is said to be in good spirits, also has a variety of cuts and bruises over her body, including one inflicted by her seatbelt, which her sister says saved her.

“The seatbelt and her quick-thinking saved her life,” said Nell Dreelan, 35, also from Jaywick, who says no-one was at fault for the crash.

“She is badly battered and bruised but still smiling and she is alive, which is the main thing – it was a situation that could not be helped and it was unavoidable.

“My mum was heartbroken, it's every parents worse fear, but it was not a hostile situation and both parties spoke and we all asked how the other people were.”

Nell has now praised the emergency services who rushed to the aid of her sister, who was driving home after visiting her niece at the time of the crash.


She added: “It was horrendous seeing someone you love being helpless but thankfully the paramedics were amazing – they do not get enough credit.”

No-one has been arrested in connection with the incident but anyone with information should call Essex Police on 101 quoting incident number 758 of 26 June.