GPs have been feeling the pressure since the pandemic put the NHS under strain and people are wondering how their surgeries are performing.

Fortunately for people in Southend, the city does not have any of the worst-rated GPs in the UK as the Care Quality Commission (CQC) rates all of them ‘good’ overall.

However a new study by solicitors Simpson Millar, while it did not point out any Southend surgeries, has found there is a disconnect between official CQC ratings and patients' own reviews.

Nearly all GP surgeries the solicitors analysed in England have been rated either ‘Good’ or ‘Outstanding by the CQC.

However, online reviews left by patients on Google told a different story with the average score coming out at just 2.81 out of five – which may be considered only ‘satisfactory’ or ‘OK’.

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We have looked at the best and worst ranked GP surgeries in and around Southend, according to Google reviews, and how they compare with their CQC rating.

Queensway Surgery in Southend

This GP surgery was considered ‘good’ overall in all areas when reviewed by CQC in 2019.

But with a 1.8 rating based on 132 Google reviews, it appears some patients do not have the same positivity as in the CQC report.

While some leave five star reviews praising the "helpful" staff, others complain of difficulty to book appointments, waiting times on the phone to reception and other issues.

The Pall Mall in Leigh

This surgery in Leigh is one of the best rated on Google in the Southend area. 

It holds a a 3.4 rating based on 51 reviews, with many patients saying they've been with the doctors for years and "cannot fault" them. 

These opinions are also reflected in its overall 'good' CQC rating, from its last inspection in 2016.

North Shoebury Surgery 

This GP surgery was considered ‘good’ overall in all areas when it was inspected by the CQC in 2019.

However, it is one of the worst rated GPs in the Southend area according to Google reviews.

It holds a a 1.9 rating based on 62 reviews, with most complaints regarding difficulty to book an appointment.

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Scott Park Surgery in Southend

This GP has had mainly positive patient reviews, reflecting its overall 'good' rating, with a rating of 3.4.

There were two negative reviews, with one advising people to go elsewhere based on their own experience.

The Practice Northumberland Avenue in Southend

This is one of the lowest reviewed GPs in the city on Google, with a 2.1 rating based on 43 reviews.

Again, patients mostly complain about finding it hard to book an appointment.

While the GP is considered ‘good’ overall by CQC, it still ‘requires improvement’ in its handling of people with long term conditions.

Highlands Surgery in Leigh

Highlands Surgery has an average rating of 3 stars on Google, with mainly positive views out of 52 patients who have left reviews.

It is also rated 'good' overall by CQC in all areas inspected.

The Valkyrie Surgery in Westcliff

This GP has a 2 rating based on 150 patient reviews on Google.

Some patients leave five star reviews praising the doctors while others have trouble getting through to reception on the phone to book an appointment.

However, it is considered ‘good’ overall by CQC.