THE future of restaurant in Westcliff has been shrouded in uncertainty after bailiffs were spotted raiding and removing items from inside.

The bailiffs were seen at Ramen and Chill, Hamlet Court Road, earlier this week and posted a High Court enforcement notice from Wilson and Roe on the front door of the premises.

The order on the restaurant door gives notice that goods have been removed and are either for sale or have been placed in storage.

It is not known why bailiffs were called to the restaurant but council bosses fear the raid is a sign of the times, with the cost of living crisis hitting businesses along with consumers.

Martin Terry, Independent deputy leader of Southend Council said: “It sounds like there is some outstanding debts with the restaurant and its owners.

“With the cost of living crisis, I fear the hospitality industry could see more of this happening.


“Everyone has seen how businesses and firms are not as busy as they were before.

“Businesses are taking a real knock and it’s sad to see this happening but I am not surprised to hear of this action with the restaurant due to the cost of living crisis and the hit businesses are taking.

“It’s fairly well known from what I believe.

“It is disappointing to see this happening and it’s leaving people out of work.

Mr Terry, who is also councillor responsible for public protection, remains hopeful the owners of the business will be able to resolve any issues and continue trading.

He admitted the raid will have left some in the community shocked.

Google currently states the restaurant is permanently closed.

Both the restaurant’s website and Facebook pages have been disabled.

The eatery offered a range of Japanese and street food.

Wilson and Roe refused to comment on the action and court orders that have been issued to the owners.

Business owner Ashely Baker was also contacted for comment but did not respond.