An Adventure Island employee who was robbed of her new iPhone has thanked officers after it was returned later that day.

Kelsey Brown, 17, had been enjoying her lunch break by Southend Pier when the iPhone 13 was taken.

Six people were quickly identified and arrested at Southend Victoria train station, thanks to work from Essex Police officers, Adventure Island’s security team and Southend City Council’s CCTV operators.

Kelsey said: “I didn’t think I’d see my phone again. I hadn’t had it long. It was a birthday present and my birthday was only in May.

“When I was told they may have caught the person, I tried not to get my hopes up as I thought that once someone steals your phone, it’s gone.

“This time I was so very lucky. When I got the phone back, I was so relieved.”

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Sergeant James Mint of the Southend Community Policing Team (CPT) said combatting robbery was a priority for his team and says the quick arrests sent a very clear message to criminals.

He said: “PC Mark Cann was on the scene within moments.

“We were able to get good descriptions of the people we wanted to speak to and, with the help of the council’s CCTV team, were then able to locate them and make quick arrests.

“This was an excellent example of effective partnership working. We’re all one team working to keep Southend safe.

“If you come to Southend and you’re here to commit crime, you will get arrested.”

Marc Miller, managing director of Adventure Island’s owners, is in daily contact with officers and welcomes a visible police presence in the city.

He said: “We’re a tourism business, and for residents, visitors that come to the town, and people that work at Adventure Island, you want to feel safe.

“It’s important for people to understand that the police are there to help them, and having bobbies on the beat helps prevent crime.

“The public are reassured when they see police and with the increased numbers you’ve seen since last year, it’s had a massive impact making people feel safe coming to Southend.”