A FRESH appeal will be launched in a bid to buy more time for Archie Battersbee as his mum admits she has been left “emotionally broken”

by the latest court ruling.

But a defiant Hollie Dance, 46, insists the fight to keep her son on lifesupport is not over as she revealed the steps the family would take to fight Mr Justice Hayden’s verdict.

The High Court judge ruled Archie could be taken off life-support as it was “no longer in his best interests” to be treated.

Speaking after the decision, Miss Dance said: “Well obviously it’s not over yet and we will put in an appeal.

“I will just keep fighting until I can’t go on any more.

“We will apply to the Court of Appeal for permission to appeal and if they refuse, we will go to the Supreme Court, and then to the European Court of Human Rights.”

She added: “On Friday in court I had a bit of a block-up.

“It was not a surprise and I did expect that result.

“My promise to Archie was to do my best and give him more time.”

Miss Dance has previously stated her son should die a “natural” death if he is unable to make a recovery, rather than arranged by way of turning off his life-support.

She added: “Archie is sticking in there and we will appeal this decision. I am feeling emotionally broken but it’s not the end.

“The battle will keep going and there is no such thing as a dignified death, which is what I have heard lots of times.

“He is stable and drops his blood pressure when he’s put on his side.

“He is responding with changing his blood pressure to certain people’s voices.”

The Barts Health NHS Trust, which is caring for Archie, says it will give the family time to appeal before making any changes to the 12-year-old’s treatment.

Chief medical officer Alistair Chesser said: “Our deepest sympathies are with Archie’s family at this difficult time.

“We accept the decision of the High Court that it is no longer in Archie’s best interests to continue treatment.”