A Southend road has been named as one of the worse in the UK for parking fines.

London Road has been ranked in the top 10 worse streets outside of London for the issue according to a freedom of information request by Confused.com.

In the 2020/21 financial year there were more than £64,448 worth of fines handed out and a total of 2,177 parking fines.

The data reveals a staggering £19.5 million was collected by councils for offences committed on the top 103 streets over the 12 month period As living costs continue to rise, drivers receiving PCNs will undoubtedly feel the pinch of the additional motoring costs. Over 2 in 5 (42%) believe that parking fines are too expensive and more than 1 in 3 (34%) feel that parking costs, more generally, should be reduced amid the rising costs of living.

Alex Kindred, Car Insurance Expert at Confused.com, comments: “Just like many of our motoring bills, the cost of penalty charge notices (PCNs) is an extra strain on the pockets of drivers.

“A third (33%) of drivers believe that councils should spend more money on making road signs clearer, so that drivers don’t have to fork out for unfair fines in the first place. In turn, this would make roads safer, drivers less confused, and help to reduce the cost of driving.

“Our research found that more than half (52%) of motorists who received a PCN for a parking offence have appealed it. But only a small number of drivers (6%) feel that their local council has an easy process to appeal a PCN fine.

“If you've received a PCN fine, you might be able to challenge the decision if you think it was unfair. The process may vary depending on your local authority, so it's important to check this before doing so. If you wish to challenge your fine, you should do so within 28 days. Our checklist offers further guidance on what to expect from the process and the type of evidence you may need in order to support your appeal.”