A PETROL station in Witham is currently offering some of the cheapest fuel in north Essex, the Gazette understands.

Esso's Doe Motors, in Colchester Road, is currently selling unleaded petrol at 172.9p per litre, nearly 20p lower than the current national average of 190.6p per litre.

Diesel petrol at the Doe Motors is also well below the national average – whereas the average price of diesel at UK forecourts is 198.4p per litre, the petrol station in Witham has priced a litre of diesel at 189.9p.

It means a 50-litre tank of petrol bought from Doe Motors would cost £87.45, whereas 50 litres of petrol at the current national average costs £93.45.

Motorists could therefore save £6 each time they fill their car with 50 litres of petrol, and £5.10 for 50 litres of diesel.

Increases in petrol prices have slowed, but the severe rise in since the start of the year has meant costs still vary markedly across different filling stations.

As of Friday, Colchester’s most affordable petrol can be found at BP, Mersea Road, where a litre of unleaded costs 186.9p.

The second most affordable is Texaco, Shrub End Road, where the price is 187.9p per litre.