A school in Billericay is the latest to announce pupils can wear their PE kits in class due to the heatwave...and say students can leave early tomorrow and Tuesday.

Temperatures are set to hit the high 30s over the next two days.

The Billericay School has written to parents to say students will be able to depart at 1.20pm on Monday (July 18) and Tuesday (July 19) so they are not in school for the hottest part of the day.

Senior staff are also urging children to wear lots of suncream.

In a letter to parents, headteacher Patrick Berry, said: "On Monday and Tuesday of next week in particular, we would appreciate it if you could reinforce the importance of staying hydrated during hot weather with your child.

"We would also ask that sun cream is applied before the school day and recommend that they bring additional sun cream into school to reapply.

"Students are reminded to remain in the shade as much as possible when outside buildings. If your child suffers from hay fever, please ideally administer any medicine before school.

"We will now also be asking students to come into school in the Billericay School PE kit for these two days. Students may wear their uniform as normal if they choose to do so but do not have to wear the blazer or tie for these two days. If students are in uniform they will need to wear school shoes rather than trainers."

Leaving school early 

Mr Berry added: "In addition, due to the Red Alert notification issued by the Met office, students will be able to depart at 1.20pm on Monday 18th and Tuesday 19th July so they are not in school for the hottest part of the day.

"This is due to a lack of provision to cool down the rooms sufficiently and lack of external shade.

"Unfortunately the NIBS bus service is unable to adjust the timing of its service for these days and will be running at normal times. In light of this, we ask that where possible, you make alternative arrangements for your child’s collection.

"However, any student who is unable to be collected will be able to remain on site until 3 pm."