Have you ever wondered who your home town's most famous resident or champion was?

Well, thanks to an online interactive map, we can now see the most searched for celebrity or public figure from each town in south Essex.

The map links place names with their most searched-for public figure on Wikipedia.

It includes a wide-reaching spectrum of celebrities, and counts 18th-century poets and wrestling champions among its pinpoints.

The link between the location and the celebrity ranges from their place of birth, their current home or a connection.

Produced by The Pudding, an online publication which debates culture in visual essays, the map covers villages, towns and cities across the UK.

Echo: The map showing the most famous name from each part of Southend, Castle Point and RochfordThe map showing the most famous name from each part of Southend, Castle Point and Rochford

Rachel Riley, who was born in Rochford but spent her childhood in Thorpe Bay and attended Southend High School for girls, is the most searched for celeb in both Rochford and Southend.

While Hollywood superster Dame Helen Mirren was the most frequently searched for celeb with ties to Westcliff.

The 76-year-old actor is a former St Bernard's High School student.

Echo: Basildon, Canvey and RayleighBasildon, Canvey and Rayleigh

Rather unsurpisingly, two cult music icons make the next list, with Basildon's Vince Clarke of Depeche Mode fame and Wilko Johnson Canvey's Doctor Feelgood rockstar making the cut.

Wickford and Rayleigh MP Mark Francois is the only serving politician in south Essex on the map.

And former X Factor star turned TV presenter Rylan Clark-Neal checks in as Corringham's most searched celeb.

Echo: Thurrock, Tilbury and GraysThurrock, Tilbury and Grays

The Pudding map states: “Person/city associations were based on the thousands of “People by city or town” pages on Wikipedia.

“The top person from each city was determined by using median pageviews (with a minimum of 1 year of traffic).

“We chose to include multiple occurrences for a single person because there is both no way to determine which is more accurate and people can 'be from' multiple places."