A cricketer had his team laughing after he stood at the crease ready to bat - and realised he'd forgotten to put on his pads.

Martin Hughes, 54, was batting fourth for Southend Civic Centre CC, and was filmed strolling confidently out to take his place, swinging his bat back and fourth.

The dad-of-two looks around and waits for the bowler much to the amusement of his team mates, who tell him to "look down".

His shoulders slump when he realises he doesn't have his pads on, and he is forced to jog off the pitch.

Martin, a company director from Southend, said: "I have been a keen cricketer throughout my life, but this was my first season back in about 15 years.

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Video: SWNS

"This is my big comeback season, but clearly I'm knocking on it a bit as I had a very senior moment!

"I was busy bantering in the changing rooms before my turn to bat and it just slipped my mind to put my pads on.

"My teammates and my kids have been taking the mick but it is funny at the end of the day - I've just had to wear it."

The match between rivals Southend Civic Centre CC and Southend EMT CC finished 175 runs to 200.

The video was shared by cricket Twitter page That's So Village - twitter.com/ThatsSoVillage

The video was filmed on July 13.