AN actor who featured in a BBC series has used experience from different forms of arts to hone a promising career.

Connor Finch, 26, of Clacton, first became interested in performing arts whilst during drama in secondary school.

His hard work and determination has landed him a role as Street, a love interest in the series Everything I Know About Love.

Connor points to his background in dancing, music and even catering as playing a key role in where he is today.

He said: “To be honest, I never really thought about an acting career until a good friend and one of my earliest mentors Dave Garlick asked me to be part of his play.

“That’s what propelled me to start looking at it as an option full time. I started searching through different avenues and did a course at Arts Ed in London, then a three year acting course at Guildhall School.”

Connor’s interest in the arts actually dates back to his time at primary school when he attended the Dance Foundation in Clacton.

He took classes in tap, modern dance, jazz and ballet which helped to build up his resilience as a performer.

Connor added: “I actually also did some ballet at the Dance Foundation, and I’m gutted I didn’t pursue it further.

“During my time, I was the only boy at the foundation and I didn’t really think about it until high school when other people started saying one thing or another.

“Tap dancing was great for me because it instilled discipline, there’s no escaping it and you have to get the routine right or it’ll sound off.”

Connor also attended the Colchester Institute and took up a catering course and said it helped him realise something about performing.

“Cooking is similar to acting because chefs work so hard only to give away their work, actors do the same," he said. 

“I’d recently recovered from an eating disorder so I had a real passion about food education and its mental and physical health benefits.”

All episodes of Everything I Know About Love’s first season are available to stream on BBC iPlayer.