Photographer Gaz De Vere gets to meet some amazing people in his line of work.

Here he celebrates an entrepreneur who is trying to make a positive impact on mental health. See

NICKI Cockbill has run Company HQ Barbers for five and a half years at Manners Corner, Southend. She also has a barbering academy and trains her team in mental health awareness and produces a line of T-shirts, hoodies, mugs, phone covers, all the proceeds go towards counselling sessions for her clients.

They run a commercial barbershop and in the evenings deliver training for barbering as an approved training centre. Another branch of the training is in prison education of which they are based at a prison, training offenders and giving them new skills, to help change their life path and help reduce reoffending. In the wake of the pandemic, they started to notice that many of their clients were not quite themselves.

Some unexpectedly revealed their mental health struggles, and their frustrations with overburdened NHS waiting lists. They listened, and on occasion gave advice, but felt like they weren’t doing enough. That’s why they founded Supremacy of the Mind, a contemporary non-profit clothing brand.

Existing mental health charities already do some amazing work in this field, but they saw an opportunity to do something a little bit different and provide immediate professional support to those in need without having a lengthy waitfor a referral,this isn’t always cheap, but they quickly put a plan in place.

All Supremacy of the Mind sales go into a “supremacy pot”. This enables them to pay for a block of six counselling sessions for those in our local community who need the most help. These sessions can facilitate genuine positive change in people’s lives, and act as a temporary solution before they are able to receive more long-term NHS treatment.

The two counsellors that have agreed to join the scheme have both very kindly offered their services at a discounted rate, such is their belief in what they’re trying to achieve. Both have a wealth of experience and impressive credentials, so they know that anyone they refer will be in extremely capable hands. They also have a hypnotherapist who has kindly offered his services to Supremacy of the Mind.