A SOUTHEND MP has shared her support for the family of Archie Battersbee after a court has refused to delay the withdrawal of his life-support treatment.

Southend West MP Anna Firth has said there are "serious lessons" to be learned following Archie Battersbee's case.

Her statement comes after the Court of Appeal has refused to postpone the withdrawal of life-sustaining treatment from 12-year-old Archie beyond 12pm on Tuesday.

Ms Firth said: "At the heart of this battle is the love of a parent for her son.

"I urge those who wish to make comment on this case to think twice before posting – motherhood is a very personal thing and Hollie Dance has shown her courage and bravery in fighting for her child.

“I have been involved with this case as Archie’s Member of Parliament since his terrible accident earlier this year and want to personally thank the front-line NHS workers who have been directly supporting his health from the beginning.

“My greatest concern whilst supporting Archie and his family has been the emotionless and bureaucratic processes placed in front of them.

"Due to ongoing court procedures, I refrained from commenting on these but now think it is time to raise them as their MP.

“I believe there are serious lessons which need to be learnt following this case; any decision around withdrawing a child’s life support must be led with compassion for those that love them dearly."

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The Tory MP has said she was disappointed to see proceedings "rushed" Archie's family during a sensitive period, when Hollie Dance and Paul Battersbee, the youngster's parents, had initally been summoned to court.

“For example, I was first notified of Archie’s case less than 24 hours before his parents were initially summoned to court," Ms Firth continued.

"Hollie contacted me as a matter of urgency because she had no time to prepare or seek legal advice and was still trying to comprehend what was happening around her.

"Urgently clearing my schedule so I could attend, I was seriously disappointed to witness proceedings which rushed Archie’s family during a sensitive period.

"The family deserved more emotional support during this time, with space to think about their next steps.

"We must learn from this and I will be raising such matters with the Secretary of State for Health.

"My thoughts and prayers are with the family at this desperately sad time, and I urge the Barts Trust to give this family maximum support and time during the coming day."