A DRUG-driver who ran over a police officer and left him with a fractured spine during a highspeed chase has been jailed for three years.

Gary Pedder, of Salisbury Avenue, Westcliff, hit an off-duty police police officer who was crossing the road in Southend as he fled police who had attempted to pull him over.

Basildon Crown Court heard yesterday how the 56-year-old hit the officer ,causing him to be thrown over the car bonnet and onto the pavement, on September 27, 2019.

A jury previously found him guilty of causing serious injury by dangerous driving following a trial.

Prosecuting, Timothy SleighJohnson said: “It is agreed the victim suffered serious injuries.

“The doctor described them as a fracture to his spine, soft tissue and ligament damage to the shoulder and a prolapsed spinal disc.

“He has 14 previous convictions and this was a police chase in which he failed to stop. He was over the limit on amphetamine.”


Speaking in court, the victim said since the incident he suffers flashbacks and is far less trusting of drivers.

He said: “The emotional effect has been significant and I was apprehensive about leaving the house.

“I became less comfortable crossing the road and before this I was at the peak of my fitness.

“I get a lot of headaches and suffer chronic pain which is worse when I stand or sit for long periods of time.”

He said he was off work for three months and was restricted to being in an office when he first returned.

Mitigating, Alexander Stein, said: “He apologises and shows his remorse through me. He had a number of ongoing health issues and is the sole carer for his father which is his main concern.”

Sentencing, recorder Leslie Cuthbert, said: “You deliberately chose to drove a car after taking drugs and when police were concerned about the matter you were driving you to tried to escape them.

“You were driving at a significant excessive speed and you struck the victim who was thrown over the bonnet and onto the pavement.

“Instead of stopping and checking on him you put your best interests first and drove away.”

He was jailed three years and disqualified from driving for four years and six months.