The RSPCA has revealed figures showing that the charity receives 10 reports an hour everyday of dog cruelty.

The figures show a significant 16 per cent increase since 2020, with 10,228 dogs being reported as beaten.

In Essex alone, there were 1166 reports of dog cruelty to the RSPCA, 232 of these were classed as intentional harm.

One case of animal cruelty involves a dog in Basildon.

 Cassie was found shivering in the street where she was fortunately taken care of by RSPCA Essex South, Southend and District Branch

Kathy Butler, branch manager, said: “Cassie has been used as a breeding bitch probably all her life - and by the state she was in it is clear she has never been shown love or affection or the basic care a dog deserves.”

Cassie's physical condition was very poor.

Her belly was practically touching the floor as a result of having been bred so often.

She could no longer produce milk and her teats were so swollen that it was impossible for any puppies to feed from her.

Fortunately, Cassie became healthy enough to be taken care of by a foster owner, but as soon as she arrived, she started giving birth to eight puppies.

Two of which didn’t make it.

Cassie was unable to care of her babies, so RSPCA made the heart breaking decision to separate them from her and hand rear them.

Kathy Butler has added: “We are delighted to say that Cassie ended up finding her forever home with her wonderful foster carer Maddie Greest, and she accompanies Maddie to her job at the vets where she is spoiled thoroughly by staff.”


Her puppies were also given safe and loving homes, with one of the foster carers being Maddie’s son.

Maddie said: “Cassie has no fear of other dogs and likes to greet them but now she adores humans, she cannot get enough affection from them and is at her happiest when snuggled up with a human.

To help prevent suffering the RSPCA has launched its Cancel Out Cruelty campaign which aims to raise funds to keep its rescue teams on the frontline as well as raise awareness.