A SOUTHEND football club is launching a series of new teams for girls and women after a surge in interest following the national team’s European Championship success. 

Southend Manor FC, based in Southchurch Park, is on the hunt for players, managers, coaches and volunteers, to set up women’s teams - the first in the club.
England Women won the Euros last Sunday after defeating Germany 2-1.

Club secretary Jon Casey said there has never been more interest, and their first training session with the women starts next Wednesday.

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He said: “We have been looking and trying to start up women’s teams for around the last year to 18 months, but we have never really had enough interest to get teams going, but it has been on our radar.

“However, with the success of the Lionesses this past month, we have had more and more interest come in with a number of people looking for women’s and girls team, so we have now started that process.

“We have had such a good response since announcing our decision, and we actually have our first training session for the women’s side next Wednesday in Southchurch Park.

“At the moment we are more geared towards 16 and over but we are planning to then get that pathway for young girls to come in and create youth teams too.

“It is so exciting to be able to do this, as the club itself has grown so much over the years, and we are a community club, so we want to be open to everyone of all ages and both men and women.”

Mr Casey admitted there had been some negative comments since the social media post. He encouraged people with outdated attitudes to “get into the real world”.

He said: “The Lionesses have been brilliant, and they have caught the imagination of the country; they did so well, and we have had a bounce in the community for it.

“We have had negative comments, but sadly some people need to get into the real world. Southend Manor is not the place for you if you don’t accept women’s and girls’ teams.

“We are excited for the future, getting women in the game, and so it is all feeling good here.”

Girls or women of any age who are interested can call 07462861484 or email southendmanorfc@gmail.com