The cost of fuel has been a hot topic for months and the cost of living crisis is not helping at all.

Major retailers are failing to reduce petrol prices in line with falling wholesale costs, the RAC has warned.

The roadside recovery firm said the wholesale cost of unleaded – the price when it arrives at forecourts – is now back down to its early May price of 131.75p per litre, which saw average pump prices of around 167p per litre.

But drivers are currently paying an average of 183p per litre at pumps across the UK despite the drop in wholesale costs, the RAC said.

Here are the cheapest places to buy petrol in south Essex -

BP Rochford - 165.9p

Jet Rochford - 167.7p

Tesco Southend Extra - 169.9p

Asda Shoebury Automat - 170.7p

Esso London Road Leigh - 174.9p

Esso Rayleigh Road, Eastwood - 175.9p

Gulf Basildon - 175.9p

Morrisons Canvey - 178.9p

Sainsburys Canvey - 178.9p

Gulf Billericay - 179.9p

Texaco Wickford - 179.9p

Asda Basildon Eastgate - 180.7p