MARTIN Lewis has urged the future PM to join him on his ITV show, The Martin Lewis Money Show, to discuss the ever-rising cost of living.

The Money Saving Expert founder says he wants to give the government's next leader a Q&A style interview so they can explain their plans.

He wrote on Twitter: “Dear @trussliz / @RishiSunak the cost of living crisis has left millions worried how they'll make ends meet.

“I'd like to formally invite you, as the new PM, to join me asap once you take office for a special hour's @itvMLshow discussion/Q&A to answer/ease people's concerns.”

Lewis was quick to urge this is not a cost of living debate between him and the government, saying he is not an “opposition politician”.

He continued: “I am a consumer finance journalist, not an opposition politician, this is about an interview and Q&A for them to explain and answer questions on their plans.”

He confirmed ITV has given this opportunity the green light, and now calls on Truss and Sunak to accept the invite.

New Prime Minister set to be announced next week

This comes as the new Tory party leader is set to be announced next week, on Monday, September 5.

The cost of living has been a hot topic for both candidates throughout their leadership race, as daily costs continue to soar.

Boris Johnson urged that despite this, Britain is not “broken”, saying the country has “an incredible future”.

He said: "This country has got an incredible future and has everything going for it.

“Look at the place that people want to invest in. Which is the country that attracts more venture capital investment now than China? It’s the United Kingdom.

“Which country has, I think, more billion-pound start-up tech companies than France, than Germany, than Israel put together? It is the United Kingdom.

“Why do people want to come here? Because it is the place to be.

“What we’re doing now, and what I’m proud that we’ve done over the last three years or so, is put in a lot of things that will make this country fit for the future.”

Johnson will depart office on Tuesday, handing over power to either Liz Truss or Rishi Sunak.