A PHOTOGRAPHER has taken familiar faces in Southend and made them centre stage at an exhibition at the soon-to-be open IronWorks community centre.

Gaz De Vere meets a lot of interesting people in his work as a photographer. For his latest exhibition, People of Southend Portraits, he has taken images of individuals well known in the area who make Southend what it is.

Echo: Caught on camera - Monte replicating his portrait photoCaught on camera - Monte replicating his portrait photo

“Today has been spent mostly prepping my People of Southend Portraits exhibition set to be shown in the Green Room of The IronWorks Southend,” said Gaz.

“This is a part of the opening of the Ironworks next week, along with lots of other artists. We open to the public on Saturday 10 September so come in and have a look around and relax at our great community café, Solly’s.”

Echo: Southend faces - poet Sadie Davidson with her exhibition portraitSouthend faces - poet Sadie Davidson with her exhibition portrait

There are photography portraits including of Wayne Barford, Sonny Green, Paul Hogben, Jordan Gray, Sadie Davidson, Davey Hal, Ali James, Salvo Stone, Elwira Middleton, Rich Wilson, John Bulley, Maxine Sadza, Aston Line, John Oakes, Jack Roth, Lee Tearrell, Sam Adams, Darren Jones, Laurie Burton, Scotty Brave, Ross McGrane, Monte Solomons Hodges, Ami Solomons Hodges, Natalie Solomons Hodges, and Simon Harris.

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