FIREFIGHTERS have sent out a warning message after a bin fire spread across a garden in Grays.

The blaze was started after fire pit embers were not fully cooled before being disposed.

Crews were called at 3:31pm to Chadwell Road, Grays, yesterday after a fire started in a bin in the garden.

It then spread to fence panels, garden furniture and decking. 

The fire was put out at 3.46pm but firefighters remained on scene for a short time after to ensure that a garden gas cylinder was safe.

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Watch Manager Gary Bannister said: “The fire started from embers from a fire pit that had been put into a bin.

“The fire pit had been out for around 12 hours, but the embers can still be warm and cause a fire.

“If you are using a fire pit or having a bonfire or barbeque, please make sure everything is cooled before disposing of the embers, you can use water to help.

“Also never leave a bonfire, barbeque or fire pit unattended and use them well away from anything an ember or flame can alight like fences, decking, houses and plants.”