A retired grandad from Essex is off on a dream holiday in his dream car after winning a six-figure cash-and-car prize from a £3 ticket.

Steven Wasley, 66, was at his home in Essex when online competitions company BOTB’s Christian Williams turned up to tell him he was this week’s Dream Car Competition winner.

The Harlow grandad scooped a top-of-the-range Aston Martin Vantage plus £20,000 in cash.

Steven said: “It’s absolutely stunning. I’m shaking! This is just incredible, it’s out of this world.”

Steven, who has been playing BOTB for more than 10 years, won the brand-new Aston Martin Vantage worth more than £127,000.

“It’s just a dream car isn’t it? I never imagined I would win one,” he added.

But it wasn’t just the car that Steven won in the competition as £20,000 cash was waiting for him in the boot, too.

“I’d completely forgotten about the money,” he laughed. “What a day! I’m completely stunned.”

Steven, who’s a retired global compliance officer lives with his wife Candy in Matching Green.

“We’ve just had our first grandchild two months ago, a little boy called Alfie - we’ll definitely pop some of the money into investment for him as well,”Steven, a dad of two,  explained.

“We’ve had one or two holidays in mind,” he said.

“And I was actually on the computer the other day pricing up our dream holiday to the South Pacific via Australia and New Zealand - I think this should cover it, and allow us to travel business class!”

“Dream car and dream holiday - what more could you want?”

BOTB’s Christian who got to give Steve the good news said: “Steven took the words right out of my mouth - a dream holiday and a dream car, what a day for him and Candy. Huge congratulations to them both!”

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