THE long-awaited new recycling regime in the Rochford district has been put back for two months and will now not start until July.

The district council's new waste disposal contractor, Sita UK, will take over the contract in April, as planned, but will not introduce the new system until June.

Originally, the council planned to introduce the new regime gradually across the district, but this idea has now been dropped.

Michael Starke, councillor responsible for recycling, said: "Both our consultants and the new contractors said this would be the wrong way of going about things.

"If parts of the district had one system and parts had another for some time, it would be confusing for the residents.

"We have now decided with the contractors that it will be launched across the whole of the area on June 1." At the moment, Rochford district residents can recycle glass bottles, cans and newspapers. For a fee, they can also have a green wheelie bin for garden waste.

Under the new scheme, they will also be able to recycle plastic, cardboard and other forms of paper.

There will be another wheelie bin provided for both garden and kitchen waste, which can be composted. Kitchen waste will be collected weekly and other recyclables on a fortnightly basis. No decision has been made on how frequently non-recyclable waste will be collected.

Mr Starke revealed the majority of staff employed in Rochford by the existing contractor, Serviceteam, were expected to transfer to the new company as part of the agreement.