TEN motorists from Southend were hauled before the courts last week following tip-offs from the public about driving offences.

All the drivers were asked to appear at Southend Magistrates Court on Wednesday as part of a special hearing.

Police had charged each one with a variety of offences as part of the Extra Eyes campaign, which sees information from the public used to prosecute drivers breaking the law.

Those up in court had committed a number of offences, including moving between lanes without indication, overtaking and undertaking and one driver deliberately stopping on a slip road preventing a vehicle exiting to continue an altercation with another driver.

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Five points and fines totalling £390 were issued to a driver who mounted a pavement and travelled along it before re-joining the live lane.

Five points were also given to a driver who entered a roundabout at speed, causing their back wheels to step out, narrowly missing another vehicle.

They were fined a further £297.

Another driver was fined £594 and had seven points added to their licence for overtaking traffic into oncoming traffic causing a vehicle to take evasive action to avoid a collision.

A fine of £264 was meanwhile dished out to a driver who “brake-checked” another vehicle, driving in a coned off area before reversing.

They also had seven points added to their licence.

Extra Eyes is supported by Essex Police and the Safer Essex Road Partnership (SERP) to help tackle poor driving standards.

If you have dash cam footage of other road users driving anti-socially or dangerously, upload your footage to Extra Eyes.